Nureva Span
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Nureva Span


Nureva Span Ideation System with optional installation

Price does not include labor, installation or programming costs.

Installation (optional)

Optional Installation of Nureva Span in your environment. Our installation costs depend on number of systems that will be installed and your location. Select amount Nureva Span installations:

Regional Installation Cost

Required with installation. Please select your zone based on the zone map below (under Product Description).

Product Description

Nureva Span Ideation System

Span software is a cloud-based solution that bridges the gap between paper and pixel to free groups from the limitations of typical collaboration. It offers an expansive, 40′ by 4′ (12.19 by 1.22 m) digital canvas that everyone can use to share creative ideas and solve problems.

Software benefits–

  • Supports individual contribution – users can create ideas and collect images and other content before sharing to the canvas, enabling individual creative thinking
  • Encourages big-picture thinking – working with ideas on the ultrawide canvas helps collaborators see patterns and connect ideas
  • Accelerates problem solving – teams can collaborate immediately, compressing time and reducing costs
  • Creates a collaborative cloud- based environment – users create, organize and connect ideas from anywhere at anytime
  • Simplifies sharing – guest accounts make it easy to invite anyone to a canvas
  • Eases exporting – canvases can be exported for review as PDF and Excel files


  • Notes – enter text into a sticky note that comes in 10 colors
  • Text boxes – enter up to 2,000 characters, and then resize or change colors
  • Sketches – create a blank page for wireframing and drawing
  • Images – import images in most standard formats


  • Personal devices
  • Laptops, Chromebooks™ and other computers
  • Span systems
  • Interactive displays


  • See canvas changes in real time
  • Store everything in the cloud
  • Keep information secure
  • Get automatic software updates

Other Features–

  • ACCESS APPLICATIONS – Easily access and capture content from other applications, including web browsers and desktop applications, without leaving Span wall software.
  • INVITE GUESTS – Invite guests to collaborate with you on any canvas, enabling all stakeholders to fully participate in planning or ideation sessions.
  • EXPORT CANVASES – Create unlimited canvases from scratch or duplicate canvases to build on existing work. Export any canvas as a PDF or Excel® file, or create view-only versions to track progress.

Nureva Span Ideation System Product Sheet PDF

Additional Information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 24 x 24 in