Utelogy Enterprise Control Platform

Utelogy Enterprise Control Platform

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Product Description

Utelogy Enterprise Control Platform

Utelogy is a pure-software solution for control and management of your AV systems, video conferencing or any application where you need an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and easy-to-support technology.

With a comprehensive, integrated, low-cost and scalable architecture, the Utelogy platform has the following strategic benefits that allow you to leverage your existing IT / AV infrastructure:

  • Runs on computers that you already have.
  • Software-based so it’s easy to install, configure and manage.
  • Network-smart so you can do anything from anywhere
  • Virtualized and hosted on your network and computers
  • Allows you to leverage common IT skills in your department
  • Consolidate and coordinate AV and IT resources.

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